“Extremism in pursuit of liberty is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of Justice is no virtue.”

In recent conversations, older family members of mine have said that they believe the problem with our government is that the Republicans and Democrats are both too extreme, and do not compromise, and “meet in the center”. In many respects, they are correct, but also sorely mistaken. Of course, they are nostalgic for the days when the difference between Republican and Democrat was like Ike and JFK, Ford and Carter, and the American middle class was the priority. But today, gridlock is the best thing. Today, the Center is the most dangerous.

I used to really dislike “hipsters” (also known as bohemians or urban elves) like the types one might find at Occupy Wall Street, living in a commune, or working on an organic co-op. Now I have seen the error in my ways, and have changed my opinions. I am still no great lover of hipsters, even the libertarian ones, and the occasional far left one leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but I have come to realize that they are indeed the lesser of two evils. As a matter of fact, it is not evil at all.

The far, far left is not our enemy. If anything it is the opposite of the enemy. The true Far Left is anarcho-collectivism, combined with radical pacifism and an environmental focus. It has a few flaws, but it is not our ideological nemesis. Because the Far Left is radically pacifist, by default they cannot be our enemies, as they do not believe in fighting or conflict. Many of them reject private property, making them even less of a threat (unless funded and hijacked by types like George Soros). Most of them espouse community-based economics, making them patrons of small business. Libertarians could certainly coexist with them.

The Green Party is the lesser-known counterbalance to the Libertarian Party, in my opinion. The ten key values of the Green Party are: grassroots democracy, social justice/equal opportunity, ecological wisdom, nonviolence, decentralization, community-based economics, gender equality, respect for diversity, personal and global responsibility, future focus and sustainability. Technically, none of this is incompatible with voluntarism, anarcho-capitalism, or libertarianism. The focus egalitarianism may be over the top, but it is generally harmless without the police state behind it.

The real enemy is Centrists. Moderates. The centrist tent is made up of two types. The first is conservatives who are continually compromising their principles and giving up ground for money and power. The second is liberals who are too weak to let go of the Corporate World and Suburbia. They may criticize and criticize the American war machine and American imperialism, but would be horrified if the world order was controlled by any other Empire, like the former USSR or Red China. In the same token, today’s conservatives may pine about “taking the country back” from liberals, but crave war against religious fundamentalists in Putin’s Russia and the Islamic State.

Centrists and Moderates are those who will never let go of “the System”. Whether they are “liberal” or “conservatives”, it does not matter. They debate a series of issues, but all those issues stay inside of an acceptable circle. Things may change here and there, but none of them dare challenge Leviathans like the global military empire, the Orwellian surveillance state, the mega-corporations, and the central banks. Ideas beyond politics like off-the-grid living, alternative currency, neo-agrarianism, genetics, traditionalism, technological singularity, and post apocalyptic survival are totally off the table.

Saul Alinsky is the man who can be accredited with transforming the DNC from Old Left to New Left at the height of the Cold War. He is quoted as saying, “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits, and infiltrate the system from within”. Saul Alinsky’s students are now grown up Centrists, like Hillary Clinton, who will never let go of the hyper-individualist lifestyle afforded by the Anglo-American Empire. When they speak out about Michael Brown’s death, it is not because they want to protect the Michael Browns AGAINST the militarized police state. What they really want is an even bigger and more militarized police state, that profiles and harasses absolutely everyone everywhere. Unless one is a member of the government elite that the police state works for.

I still do not totally agree with the “dirty hippies” who grow really long hair and do things like “occupy wall street”, camp out in public parks with homeless people,  lie down in the roads, film cops, and continually get arrested, but in the end, they are 100% better than those who wear a necktie and push their “social justice” activism from a corporate office, in the form of lawsuits and political correctness training. However, the bohemians who have green thumbs and are willing to get physically dirty working on organic farms, I consider them full-blown allies. My hope is that those involved in street protesting instead redirect their energy to starting co-ops and getting arrested for things like illegally feeding the homeless (like the 90-year-old man in Florida).

There are also Right-of-Centrists, who are just as bad, but for different reasons. They are the agencies that carry the guns to enforce the ideas spewed out by the Ivory Tower establishment, and enforce the Empire. But their main goal is crony capitalism: and that means making money by any means necessary, even if that means dumping all things “conservative”, such as Christian values, agrarianism, patriotism, and the 2nd amendment down the toilet.

Sure there are some people way out in the extreme rural areas with mini-arsenals, who make moonshine in stills, and then go to church and handle snakes and speak in tongues. Like the hippies, not all of them are the most pleasant people to be around either, but at least they do things in their own down-home way. Unfortunately, these rural communities are not getting any younger, making them perfect prey for big corporations who crush mom-and-pop businesses and family farms. Televangelists swindle these people out of their money and send it back to corporate suits who laugh at them.

Like the Center Left betrays the worker’s revolution, the Center Right betrays God, Country, Family. The Big Business community is international, and has no problem outsourcing American jobs to communist countries. The Center Right cooperates most with the Center Left in two big areas; first, they love to import undocumented immigrants to celebrate diversity and inflate wages. Secondly, they love wars for ideologies with no missions, that keep soldiers overseas for years. They have zero cultural values: they use whatever the pop culture of the day to make corporate profit.

Below are some examples of politicians, who regardless of party or rhetoric, seem to embody the Levianthan, the security state, Wall Street, corporatism, world policing, welfare state, internationalism, gun control, political correctness, and the Federal Reserve. Their debates between each other are inside such a tight circle that it is almost laughable: Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, Joe Lieberman, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani

Enough on the negative though, as things may be going full circle. There are many more unnoticed economic similarities between the rural old extreme and the urban young extreme than with anyone in the middle. It indeed appears that the economic unsustainability of today’s young people may be leading them from the ruinous rot of postmodernism into a new age of high-tech agrarianism. Here are things that the commune bohemian has with the retirement-age family farmer.

1) Dislike of the suit-wearing corporate world.

2) No fear of getting dirty.

3) Eats locally grown food.

4) Believes in buying local.

5) Believes in surviving humbly (whether we’re talking about a farmhouse built in 1899 or a tent at Occupy).

6) Believes in grassroots government (whether its a commune council or a town hall).

7) Distrust of banks (whether it hording cash, gold, and silver under the matress, or bitcoin)

Moderation in pursuit of anything is not working. Unlike the baby boomers who raged against the machine in the 1960s, but “grew up” and joined the machine in the 1990s, the machine is ceasing to exist. The wide-scale underemployment among young people requires radical and extreme solutions. It’s no longer acceptable to check Yes or No inside a box on issues, instead the solutions must be totality outside the box. The solutions come dressed in thrift-store clothes; in direct barter, in bitcoin, in tinyhouses, in the co-ops, communes, and urban organic farms. There’s no more creative way to say “FUCK THE CORPORATE WORLD!”, than to start adopting the ways of your great-grandparents.

The Scots and Gresham’s Law

Posted: November 18, 2014 by Robert A. McKeown in Economics, Gold, Money
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The recent Scottish independence elections had raised certain hopes among libertarians and anarchists. Their desire to see a free and independent Scotland (and a smaller Great Britain) enraptured images of Mel Gibson playing “Braveheart” William Wallace and a proud people, once again donning their kilts and marching to the pipes, taking up the cause for liberty. Alba gough brath!


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rsz_1_abraham_lincolnNovember 11th is Veterans’ Day, originally called Armistice Day. It is the 96th anniversary of the Germans surrendering to the Americans, British, and French on French soil in 1918. Of course, this was a great blow to the German economy, and contributed to Hitler’s rise to power. On November 11th, the Germans believed they were “stabbed in the back,” and their feelings of betrayal lead many to become or support Nazis. This was known as “Dolchtosslegende,” the Dagger Myth. Read the rest of this entry »

The Error of Pricing Goods in Gold

Posted: October 8, 2014 by Robert A. McKeown in Economics, Gold, Money, Prices, Value
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We’ve all heard experts, pundits and talk show hosts pontificating about gold and silver. We’ve heard examples of their so called “intrinsic” value, about how gold and silver retain their value over time. This is all true, except when these people attempt to make price comparisons of goods in gold or silver terms. We’re again going to rely on Austrian economic analysis and determine something new about their claims. Hopefully, this analysis won’t lead to me becoming a sort of pariah in hard money circles. Read the rest of this entry »

Robert McKeown had written an article titled, “Creative Destruction, Technological Unemployment and Choice” about the social and economic rot that may occur in a post-technological society. I for many reasons neither believe in technological utopias or technological dystopias. I believe that they are essentially an impossibility. The government’s already planning for a tech dystopia as we speak. Read the rest of this entry »

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Creative destruction has become again, a popular term to explain the dislocation of workers in western labor markets. Although first coined by Karl Marx to describe how capitalism would be destroyed by the bourgeois, Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950), an Austrian economist, (not part of the Mengarian Austrian Economic School) modified the meaning to be understood as the outcomes of introducing new methods of production, new technologies and discoveries and the reallocation of resources to new lines of production by entrepreneurs. The “new” replacing the “old”.

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