What’s Up with the Middle Class


A simple internet search about the vanishing middle class in America would yield literally thousands of articles about the topic. Not to mention Elizabeth Warren’s infamous book. Left leaning Russia Today talk show host, Thom Hartmann has also chimed in by postulating that the middle class isn’t normal. He opines that society needs to make a choice whether we’ll even have a middle class. He contends that capitalism doesn’t mystically produce a middle class. To add fuel to the fire, he also says that Charles Dickens novels are a more accurate representation of what free market capitalism looks like in it’s purest form. Let’s get through the posturing, rhetoric and bias about what’s really going on with the middle class in America.

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Markets or Mercantilism



A few days ago, I had a discussion with a co-worker about the need for the government to regulate “The Market”. Consistently, the definition of terms, most certainly economic terms, leads the discussion to devolve into a debate. Each side arguing past the other as definitions of words or terms are taken for granted. Once we agreed upon the definitions of terms, then the discussion returned to being reasonable once again.

Just what do people mean when they discuss the market? There are so many markets; stock markets, money markets, labor markets, commodity markets and so on, that the confusion is quite understandable. To economists “the market” refers to the market of exchange between individuals. Of course the term “The Free Market” can include all of the afore to mentioned exchanges, but by and large, this is what they are talking about. Society and markets are actually very closely related and at times synonymous. The market simply refers to the economic interaction of people. Continue reading

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Putin and His Four Black Swans

world-war-iii-chessboardHere we are at the end of 2014 and about to kick off the new year. Many writers take this time to do a recap of the year or even make predictions of what may happen in the next 365 days. I thought I’d have a go at what I believe will be the most important event yet to happen. Namely, this “face off” between Obama and Putin will come to a head.
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Ramblings of an Individualist


I am going to begin by apologizing to the readers for the long delay between articles. Recently, I’ve been running on the ragged edge, sort to speak. With my job, obligations to other people and life’s ever dramatic way of introducing that cliché wrench in the works, I’ve found little time to sit and type out the next analogy on all things economic. I’m only finding time tonight to sit at the desktop computer, open a new Libre office document and write this article, because exhaustion has caused me to call in a sick day. Continue reading

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The Centrist Leviathan


“Extremism in pursuit of liberty is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of Justice is no virtue.”

In recent conversations, older family members of mine have said that they believe the problem with our government is that the Republicans and Democrats are both too extreme, and do not compromise, and “meet in the center”. In many respects, they are correct, but also sorely mistaken. Of course, they are nostalgic for the days when the difference between Republican and Democrat was like Ike and JFK, Ford and Carter, and the American middle class was the priority. But today, gridlock is the best thing. Today, the Center is the most dangerous. Continue reading


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The Scots and Gresham’s Law

The recent Scottish independence elections had raised certain hopes among libertarians and anarchists. Their desire to see a free and independent Scotland (and a smaller Great Britain) enraptured images of Mel Gibson playing “Braveheart” William Wallace and a proud people, once again donning their kilts and marching to the pipes, taking up the cause for liberty. Alba gough brath!


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Dolchstosslegende Day

rsz_1_abraham_lincolnNovember 11th is Veterans’ Day, originally called Armistice Day. It is the 96th anniversary of the Germans surrendering to the Americans, British, and French on French soil in 1918. Of course, this was a great blow to the German economy, and contributed to Hitler’s rise to power. On November 11th, the Germans believed they were “stabbed in the back,” and their feelings of betrayal lead many to become or support Nazis. This was known as “Dolchtosslegende,” the Dagger Myth. Continue reading

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