Death by Taxes Series

coverThere is now an available e-book (epub) of the Death by Taxes series. It can be downloaded for free by clicking the image or by clicking here.

Download, read and share it with anyone who might be appalled with their taxes and the idea that the state should have ownership in our fellow man’s labor.

Death by Taxes: The Elites

In the previous installment of the Death by Taxes series, we learned about Beardsley Ruml’s contribution in establishing the withholding tax. This most influential of unknown people in American history deserves a closer look. He had some important things to say about why we pay federal income taxes that may surprise you. Read More…

Death by Taxes: The Federal Reserve

20120401-federalreserve-deesillustration1In the first two installments of the Death By Taxes series we discussed the history, motivation and reasoning for adopting an income tax and it’s ramifications for both consumers and entrepreneurs. In this third installment we will discover “Cui bono” or who benefits the most from the income tax. The truth is far from what most people have been led to believe. Like most legislation, what is sold to the public may not always be the realized once a bill or amendment is passed. Read More…

Death by Taxes: Legal Plunder

unclesam-with-hand-outIn the article “Death by Taxes: A Sordid History” we discovered how the 16th Amendment was an egregious invention of those who hold to the socialist idea of “the ability to pay”. In this article we’ll delve more deeply into the idea that successful businesses owe their prosperity to using  government provided services. Also, we will consider the moral ramifications for society as a whole and how taxation is an undue burden on the wage earner in an indirect way. Read More…

Death by Taxes: A Sordid History

April is the time of year I reflect back to the passage of the 16th Amendment and the Federal Reserve Act. Two juggernauts that have done more damage to our standard of living than any other pieces of legislation. There is nothing good about being taxed, especially having your income taxed. There is so much to be said about income taxes, the scheme behind progressive taxation and taxes in general that this will end up being a multi part series. It is important to understand the delusion that most people have over the “necessity” of governments to tax their citizens. Read More…

Interview on Liberty Talk Radio with Joe Cristiano

Earlier this week I was on Liberty Talk Radio with Joe Cristiano. We discussed everything from Creative Destruction to the Nissan Leaf. We had a good time and it looks like I’ll be back on again.

Joe is on the air every week day from 8am to 9am Central Time at Give him a listen, you’ll enjoy his show and his guests.

Salvos 2: Get Ready for More Fun and Freedom

2Front Cover

2Front CoverMany of you remember my review of Garry Reed’s first collection of his libertarian work, “Selected Salvos from the Loose Cannon Libertarian”. Well, he’s at it again. In his second addition to the Fun and Freedom genre, as he puts it, “Selected Salvos 2 from the Loose Cannon Libertarian” takes the reader into the school of “Playboynomics”.  Read More…


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